1. David Huerta
    East Los Angeles. CA
    FEB 2014

  2. Adrian Morilla
    Pro Thai Boxer
    San Diego, Ca

  3. Tiffany “Timebomb” Van Soest
    San Diego, CA

  5. cinemagorgeous:

    Modern day actors pose for 1860’s style tintype photographs. Images taken by photographer Victoria Will at Sundance Film Festival 2014.

    (via seattlouisvillian)

  6. Cozumel Vol 3
    Cozumel, Mexico
    Jan 2013

  7. Cozumel vol2
    Cozumel, Mexico
    Jan 2014

  8. Cozumel Part 1
    Cozumel, Mexico
    Jan 2014

  9. Something that I cherished the most from my visit to Cozumel were the sunsets and the colors of the beautiful clouds. Its something that I do not get to see everyday in a city covered with smog. The clear turquoise water and the pink and purple sky is magical. Its amazing to just to have time to appreciate these beautiful things 

  10. Frankie Rose
    The Echo
    Los Angeles, CA